Video games: Pros and Cons

For the last two decades, Many scientists reaserched Video games Pros and Cons. In fact, Kids have been crazy about nothing but video games. This passion has been increased by the invention of mobile gaming and smartphones.

Video games have changed , they took other forms, they are everywhere : In the car, the bedroom and even on the beach. It is more likely to find the reason of life than finding a kid who is not playing some kind of game, It is true that video games have a bad reputation, but they do have benefits surely. This article is an opportunity to dive deeper into the blessings and drawbacks of this phenomenon. Fasten your belts and let’s dive deeper in Video games Pros and Cons.

I- Video Games Pros

● Education

Recent studies have shown that video games can damage our learning ability. However, this can be flawless, as some scientists have suggested that several video games can boost our self learning flexibility. Some games such League of Legends, Cyberpunk 2077, Fortnite and others require continuous attention to the slightest details. In fact, players must be always updated to the changes which occur frequently during the game. Thus, players will acquire the spirit of seeking knowledge as they put more effort in learning new techniques to overcome challenges they face during the game. Besides, youth gamers will apply their new acquired skills in real-life situations. In other words, video games make you smarter.


● Life skills

I don’t know where to start when it comes to explaining how video games boost life skills. Countless benefits. However, and to sum up, gaming fastens your decision-making abilities since your judgement and next moves must be done in two- three seconds of time.

Moreover, video games have considerable health benefits such as: it can be therapeutic for children with chronic illnesses, they provide pain relief, they Improve eyesight and enhance Motor Reflexes. Lasty, video games offer free course on teamwork to children.

Indeed, many video games are played on multiplayer mode. Thus, players team up where they organize, delegate roles, and collaborate together (just like in professional life) to finish levels or accomplish tasks .

Fasten your belts and let's dive deeper in Video games Pros and Cons.

● Brain functioning

Most companies require problem-solving skills during the recruitment process. They pick the candidates that have the most efficient “Executive functioning”.
What is meant by Executive Functioning? In fact, it is the person’s ability to solve problems rapidly and efficiently. In this context , recent studies have shown that video games can improve this capacity. As players have only one or two seconds (even less) to take their next moves, they become used to take crucial rapidly in their workplace.

Thus, we can deduce that video games can help improve multitasking, increase mental flexibility, and even reverse the mental decline that occurs as people age.


II- Video Games Cons


While every other study seems to draw opposite conclusions about the social effects of playing violent video games,  studies involving brain scans are concerning. Simply put, children playing violent video games show decreased activity in areas of the brain dedicated to self-control and an increase in emotional arousal.

Even though the debate continues, be aware of how violent games affect your children. If you notice a problem, go with your gut.
Blood and gore. Intense violence. Strong sexual content. Use of drugs. These are just a few of the phrases that the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) uses to describe the content of several games Playing violent video games causes more aggression, bullying, and fighting.

60% of middle school boys and 40% of middle school girls who played at least one Mature-rated (M-rated) game hit or beat up someone, compared with 39% of boys and 14% of girls who did not play M-rated games. Help your children choose games you feel are appropriate.
Many console game ratings include detailed information about the contents of the game’s violence level, language, topics, etc.

Pschological Troubles

Often, children playing violent video games depict a lack of self- control and an increase in emotional arousal. While violent video games could have different effects on different people, they are all concerning. So, it is better to choose games you feel are appropriate for both you and your children.
Several peer-reviewed studies have shown that children who play M-rated games are more likely to bully and cyberbully their peers, get into physical fights. In addition they can be hostile, argue with teachers, and show aggression towards their peers throughout the school year.


To start with, “Gaming Disorder” is indeed listed in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Classification of Disease. Thus, developing countries’ Health Service or Ministries have started to treat videos games seriously. What makes video games addictive?

Playing releases dopamine into our systems, which gives us a feeling of pleasure and tells our brain to “do it again.” One might wonder how such stupid video games addictive can be. Simply put, video games releases dopamine into our systems.

In other part, videos games are intended to be addictive. For instance, they are undoubtedly the drugs of 21th century. For instance, many scientists claim that in the design process, games developers control the behaviour of the player. This is done by offering basic stimulus and rewards at strategic and well-planned times and places.

Children are the target of this addiction threat. Those who have poor self-control or those who have a void in their real life are the ones who become more dependant to video games. This may trace back to the fact that video games provide an alternative for real time life experience.

Social Replacement

Every parent must be concerned about the time his child passes on video games. In addition, One figure out whether video games are replacing or demolishing the other main aspects of child’s life such as: Social interaction, physical play and even food. It is true that kids who play online games can keep company and spend time with their friends without the need to leave their home.

However, this type of virtual relationships can by no means replace face-to-face interaction. Without mentioning the possible threats of hacking , online predators and cyber-bullying, virtual hangouts deprive kids their opportunity to improve their social and communication skills. Furtherlore, these games may have serious health problems on your child; Given that video games rob kids the opportunity also to have a life outdoors,



Concluding our guide on Video games Pros and Cons, Video games are effective way to improve your life skills, enhance your executive functioning of your brain and increase your marks in school. However, Most popular video games and apps are addictive by nature. Therefore, this lead to addiction which can negatively harm your health and mental stability. Thus, Parents must be CAREFULL. Please Share your thoughts on our guide “Video games Pros and Cons”.

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