Linux advantages

Linux Advantages: Reasons why you should use Linux

This guide will discuss Linux advantages in depth and provide you with significant reasons why you should use Linux.

Linux has been improving quickly and greatly since its initial release in 1991 and has targeted corporate entities and desktop users . With or without your knowledge, you may have interacted with Linux at one point in time. For instance, smartphones and tablets depend on Android. For your surprise, they are derived from the modern version of the Linux kernel. Furthermore, most websites are anchored via Linux servers on Apache or Nginx web servers.

We can also find Linux in IoT (Internet of Things) devices that are most of the time used for research and development purposes. If you still have doubts about Linux and its massive leaps and bounds, this article will cover the different reasons why you should begin to think about using Linux.

Linux Advantages:

Free and Open source:

The problem with Windows and Mac is that they are pricey and paying for a license is mandatory. Hence, certain important functionalities will be disabled once your license expires. This leaves no choice for either users but to purchase a yearly package. This is not the case for Linux however! For all the freeloaders out there, who want to save a few coins from buying all these licenses, Linux distributions are completely free to download and install. Most of these distributions come with out-of-the-box apps and programs such as Firefox Brower, VLC, Office productivity tools, etc. Not only that but Linux distributions provide a stunning and compelling desktop experience such as GNOME or KDE Plasma. Another great feature is the availability of the open-source code unlike its counterparts in Windows who rely on the proprietary system. Users can view, modify, and redistribute the code to other users.

Stable and Secure:

If there is one thing that is strikingly impressive about Linux is its security system. Linux servers can remain live for longer periods of time without imperiling the performance of your desktop. Linux is completely opposed to Windows that needs constant reboot to maintain an optimal performance level. Therefore, Linux is more favorable in terms of cloud servers that include web, database, and application servers.
Furthermore, Linux is more secure in comparison with Windows. It offers an elevated degree of confidentiality and security. Linux distributions such as Tail and Discreet Linux were developed with a heightened level of privacy.

A lot of Software Applications and Unlimited Customization :

Another reason that will make your experience with Linux worth your while is the availability of tons of packages from numerous depositories. The Ubuntu repository for instance provides over 50,000 software applications for download. This way you can peruse a shedload of software applications from the Software Center. Let’s not forget to mention the ability Linux provides its users to personalize and customize their desktop in every possible way they can fathom. Feel free to experiment with the desktop environment style and choose the design you desire and savor the enticement each app has to offer. You can step up your game by a few personal tweaks from the windows manager, icons, themes, and wallpapers etc. You get to enjoy an array of unique distributions that in itself provides you with tons of cool options to choose from.


Overall, it is safe to admit “Why let Microsoft give you windows while linux can give you a house”.

What are your thoughts on our guide on these Linux Advantages? What is the best advantages you have liked the most? Can add some Linux Advantages in the comment section? Until then, Stay tuned for our upcoming guides.

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